What is the SIM Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group (SIM EA SIG)?

The SIM EA SIG is a newly re-established, all-volunteer, community of practice that is dedicated to understanding and improving EA leadership competencies.  Our passion is helping Enterprise Architecture professionals connect and grow their careers through sharing best practices, standards, methodologies, tools, and bodies of knowledge. 

Our Mission:

To increase knowledge and application of emerging technologies through the practice of Enterprise Architecture.  This will be accomplished through
  • Connecting/Networking with SIM National leaders and SIM chapters as well as national thought leaders
  • Technology reviews
  • Book reviews and recommendations
  • Techniques and methodology discussions
  • Sharing application experiences
  • Presenting to SIM MN, SIM National and other SIM Chapters
  • Innovation ideation

    What are the Benefits of SIM EA Membership?

    It is through the process of sharing information and experiences with the broader group and select outside experts that SIM EA members can learn from each other and have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

    The SIM EA SIG provides these kinds of opportunities, benefits, and services to its members and their organizations: 
    • exchanging experiences and knowledge with other EA professionals
    • meeting and interacting with leaders in the EA profession
    • getting first access to research and publications of the SIM EA SIG, including the annual SIM IT Trends survey
    • participating in writing and publication opportunities of the SIM EA SIG
    • participating as attendee or presenter in seminars, workshops, & conferences
    • participating in regular meetings, “peer review” sessions, and EA discussions

    To Access SIG Home Page:
    If you are already a member of the Enterprise Architecture SIG, click button below to access the SIG Home Page. If this is your first time accessing the SIG home page, you will need to sign in and click "Join Group" after clicking the button above. Email sim@simnet.org if you have any issues accessing the SIG content.

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