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Why Enterprise Architecture?

If things like alignment, rapid introduction, complexity reduction, speed and agility are design objectives that answer the question "What do we want it to look like?" then perhaps at least part of the answer to the question "How do we accomplish it?" is Enterprise Architecture (EA).
But, perhaps the question we should be asking ourselves is, "can IT afford not to seize the opportunity to be 'the keeper of all the knowledge' about the enterprise?" Being the keeper of the EA has the potential to ensure IT's seat at the strategic table.

What is the SIM Enterprise Architecture Working Group?

The SIMEAWG is an all-volunteer group of about 60 Enterprise Architecture (EA) practitioners, academics, and thought leaders from more than 20 different industry, government, and academic organizations, dedicated to understanding and improving EA practices, and helping IT professionals and their organizations capitalize on the opportunities of EA.

Our Mission:

  • Help organizations use EA to enhance the way they manage change, reduce complexity, plan, strategize, govern, manage projects, and deliver value.
  • Enable IT organizations to understand, create, manage, and utilize EA in partnership with the business.
  • Identify and share EA concepts, methods, processes, tools, and best practices.

What We Stand For:  SIM Enterprise Architecture Working Group

SIMEAWG is dedicated to the support, promotion, and advancement of the EA profession through education, research, and serving as an information resource for the benefit of SIM members and the management community at large. 

SIMEAWG believes that:

  • EA is a different way of seeing, communicating about, and managing the enterprise and all of its assets, including its technologies.
  • EA is about the essence of IT success: Knowing, communicating, and meeting the organization’s requirements.
  • EA is fundamental to getting and maintaining enterprise objectives, including business-IT alignment, complexity reduction, speed, security, and agility.
  • EA is essential to closing the gap from strategy to implementation.
  • EA is critical to becoming everything an Information Age enterprise can be.
  • EA is vital to IT having a seat at the organization’s strategic management table.
  • EA can help bring all of the IT people together so they can bring all the rest of the enterprise together. 

What are the Benefits of SIMEAWG Membership? 

The SIMEAWG provides these kinds of opportunities, benefits, and services to its members and their organizations: 

  • Exchange experiences and knowledge with other EA professionals. 
  • Meet and interact with leaders in the EA profession.
  • Direct and get first access to research and publications of the SIMEAWG, including the annual SIM IT Trends survey
  • Participate in writing and publication opportunities of the SIMEAWG.
  • Participate as attendee or presenter in seminars, workshops, & conferences.
  • Participate in regular meetings, “peer review” sessions, and EA discussions. 

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